Kimberly Wine Vinegars

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The Alexander family of Lodi, California has been growing and producing grapes in many different fashions for four generations. Kimberly Wine Vinegars was started in the mid 1970's in the Bay Area and was dependent on tailored wines from the Alexander family.

In 2002, The Alexander family expanded their operation by purchasing the well developed Kimberley Wine Vinegars. We have since radically increased available production while remaining committed to the original Method D'Orleans of vinegar fermentation.

Kimberley Wine Vinegar is made with the traditional French method D'Orleans, using small, ventilated oak barrels partially filed with either organically or conventionally produced wine. We slowly introduce our special vinegar culture which over many months converts the wine to full-figured vinegar. We do not add preservatives to our vinegar, nor are they pasteurized. Pasteurization is a common practice that increases shelf life but degrades subtle flavor characteristics. Rich wonderful hints of robust wine mixed with acidity complement each batch of our handcrafted vinegar. Kimberley Wine Vinegar is among only a few vinegar cellars in the world still producing with these traditional processes and is the only organic producer using the method D'Orleans.

Kimberley has five wonderful flavors: Kimberley Cabernet Sauvignon Vinegar, Kimberley Chardonnay Vinegar, Kimberley Sherry Vinegar, and Kimberley Champagne Vinegar, Kimberley Balsamic Vinegar. Each has its own individual flavor and has the Kimberley guarantee of freshness.